Holly Bowers

Holly joined the lab after completing a post-doc fellowship at MBARI. She is excited to continue her research assessing fluctuations in Pseudo-nitzschia populations by coupling traditional and cutting edge molecular tools and correlating those findings with larger-scale perturbations in Monterey Bay. She will also be heavily involved in the assessment of commercial fluorometers as part of EBL’s ACT (Alliance for Coastal Technologies) partnership.

Holly began her career in HAB (Harmful Algal Bloom) species back on the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) when a tiny little dinoflagellate made big news headlines. Perhaps it was destiny, given her initials are HAB, as her early laboratory gigs involved production of chicken vaccines, research on cystic fibrosis, and later blue crab viral disease.  She has enjoyed the journey to get here, and feels honored to be able to work in such a unique and breathtaking part of the world.

Holly welcomes project collaborations eager to involve molecular detection of HAB’s or pathogens.

CV Holly Bowers